Tips on Buying Your First Metal Detector

Before you buy your first machine there are a few things you should think about. How much time do you think you will spend metal detecting. If you plan to detect a lot of hours a week then go for a machine that has more features than a machine where you will only be spending [...]

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In New Brunswick, the stone walls that are located throughout the forest is an impressive phenomenon. You might wonder why anyone would have gone to such great labor building stone fences through thick forest, over steep wooded terrain and into the deepest glens. The truth is that when stone fences were built, no forest was there [...]

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Tip to Finding Cellar Holes

Deer trails are sometimes the only helpful clues to locating a remote homestead site in the woods. Surprisingly, after 200 years since the homestead was abandoned and disappeared, the deer, out of a habit developed over many generations, would still come to the site to snack on fruits and other edible vegetation which has survived [...]

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